Take away menu

Theme weeks menu 15,00 p.p.

Peruvian weeks

from 2 december and 16 december
Order for 2 people or more:

Empanadas with spicy corn and pulled jack fruit (v)

Lima bean salad with tomato, olive and oregano (v)

Peruvian rice with corn and carrot (v)

Stew of chickpea, tomato and quinoa (v)

Roasted sweet potato (v)

Add some fish!

Stew of shrimp € 7,50 per 2 persons



Colors menu, € 17,50 per person, Order for 2 or more:

Bread with hummus (v)

Vietnamese salad of cabbage, carrot, fresh mint and peanuts

Moroccan salad with roasted bell peppers and fennel (v)

Italian arancini with truffle mayonnaise (v)

Indian curry of sweet potato, cauliflower and apricot (v)

White rice (v)


Fresh fruit salad (vv) 4,00

Pepernoten Cheesecake 2,50

Peruvian arroz con leche (rice pudding) 3,25
v = vegetarian, vv = vegan, g = gluten free
Order at our website, or call to order: 0317- 417 463
Take away from 12.00 till 19.00
++ Nice!! ++
Our own Colors beer! Flavourful chilled bottle of triple beer 0,75 L for 7,50

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***NEW at Colors World Food***
Colors lunch box, for 2 or more, 12,50 pp:
Sandwich Japanese beef tataki (1/2 sandwich p.p.)
Sandwich brie with olive spread (1/2 sandwich p.p.)
Vegan wrap with chili spread and roasted eggplant (1/2 wrap p.p.)
Persian salad with cauliflower, bulger, pomegranate, dates
Salad of fresh fruit
Piece of homemade cake
Colors afternoon tea box order for 2 or more, 12,50 p.p.:
Scones, cream and jam
Piece of homemade cake
Portuguese pastel de nata
Piece of quiche with tomato and goat cheese
Vegan wrap with chili spread and roasted eggplant (1/2 wrap p.p.)
Homemade dessert
tea bags
Colors Snack box order for 2 or more, 10,00 pp:
4 dades filled with cream cheese
4 skewer of mozzarella, basil and cherry tomato
4 snacks van wrap with Japanse beef tataki
4 hapjes vegan wrap with eggplant and chili spread
1 focaccia with aioli en olive spread
2 pieces of quiche with tomato and goat cheese



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